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Alex Butler
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Routines & Services

A '10 point health check'* on arrival, standard daily routines that can be adapted to suit your dog's usual habits, exercise options from a relaxed wander in the adjacent paddocks to long off site walks, Pet Taxi service to and from the kennels.....

Reduced rates for overnight stays if your hotel doesn't accept dogs.

Just some of the services available here.

Arrival / Departure

You can drop off your dog during our new opening hours (with prior booking of course) and someone will be on hand to greet you.

As your dog will notice your emotions more than you do it is very important to stay upbeat and happy and not feel sorry for your dog for leaving them behind when you go on holiday or away. Remember your dog is also going on holiday at the kennels and has a vast amount of activities to choose from.

Once you feel happy you have told me everything I will need to know to make your dog comfortable at the kennels, and you have handed me all their belongings, you can say a happy goodbye to your dog and either watch them trot through the door on their way to the kennels or leave the room yourself allowing your dog to explore their new surroundings. One golden rule is not to turn around as you are going out the door and shout "good bye" as this makes your dog think there is something exciting happening with you and they may get stressed not following you. You will be surprised at how adaptive dogs are and if this procedure is followed your dog will remain calm and relaxed.

Should you wish to view the kennels then please make an appointment before hand. When dropping your dog off you will not be able to go down into the kennel block. As there is only myself and Paul who work at the kennels the resident dogs very quickly get used to what scent should be in the building and what is new. With new scent the dogs become excitable and vocal, whilst this is okay for some dogs other become very anxious and upset by it.

The same occurs on every new canine arrival the other resident dogs become vocal and excitable as they sniff the new dogs scent and 'talk' to them. To keep this time as relaxed as possible for the other dogs no human part of the new arrival's family will be allowed into the kennel block on their arrival.

All boarding dogs will receive a ten point health check on arrival, weekly and on departure.

Points which are checked are:

  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Coat Condition
  • Paws and Nails
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • General Movement
  • Teeth
  • Skin Condition
  • Appetite

*NB this health check is a pet health check. It is not carried out by a veterinarian and no veterinarian advice can be given. Any abnormalities will be referred to a qualified Vet.

What can my dog bring?

Your dog can bring bedding or toys with them if they wish although there are extra comfy beds and plenty of toys here too. Should you wish to bring a bed please make sure it is easy to carry (not too big) and easily washable. No human bedding or bean bags please. Any toys are fine expect ones with squeakers in them, they tend to excite the other dogs in next door kennels!
If your dog would like to bring some treats along with them they can but rawhide chews or raw bones can not be brought into the kennels.

Please be aware that there may be occasions where toys get mixed up or taken to the paddock and forgotten about (by the dogs!) due to all the smells so keep the most prized toys at home. If the toys do start to get chewed or pulled apart by the dogs they will be removed for your dog's safety.

Please just provide one lead for your dog which will be stored in their very own pigeon hole for collection.

Stainless steel feeding bowls are used as they can be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, your dog won't need to bring their own bowl with them.
If your dog needs medication please make sure it is labeled clearly.

Finally your dog will need to bring their vaccination card along too, unless they have persuaded their human to email me a copy in advance!

Daily Routine

Here at BEAR Boarding Kennels the emphasis is on fun, exercise, well being and happy dogs. This means that your dog will get plenty of exercise, fun and attention from the staff.

An average day for resident dogs is as follows:

  • 6am-7am Individual morning rituals in the toilet runs.
  • 7am-8am Breakfast time.
  • 9am-5pm Exercise and play time.
  • 5pm-6pm Dinner time.
  • 6pm-9pm Rest time for dogs.
  • 9pm-10pm Individual night time rituals in the toilet runs.
  • 10pm Bedtime.

Feed times

Breakfast is served between 7 am - 8 am and dinner between 5 pm - 6 pm. If your dog requires any different feeding regime this can be organised for them.

I feed "Royal Canin™" dry food and have small, medium and large breed Kibble to suit all guests. If your dog is a fussy eater I also have trays of "Natures Diets™" which can be mixed in.
Alternatively if your dog would rather bring their own food with them they are more than welcome to.

Extra Exercise

Exercise comes in many forms at BEAR Boarding Kennels too. There are small well drained toilet areas so your dog can spend a penny before breakfast and last thing at night. There is a medium sized fully enclosed paddock with trees and wildlife smells to investigate. Next to this is a large fully enclosed paddock where the dogs can really let off steam. As BEAR Boarding Kennels is situated in the heart of the North Cotswold your dog can be taken off site for an afternoon stroll either around the lanes or across fields. I take the security of all resident dogs as a top priority so any dog walked off site will be on flexi leads.

New - Agility session. Your dog can chose twenty minutes of agility fun. Trying out all the equipment and burning off some energy. £6 per 20mins

On Holiday in the Cotswolds ?

If you are looking to holiday in the Cotswold with your dog but are struggling to find accommodation for you and your dog, BEAR Boarding Kennels can offer a reduced boarding rate for purely over night stays, pick your dog up in the morning and enjoy the countryside with them then drop them off in the afternoon when you return to your hotel. If you fancy a day of sightseeing where your dog can't follow you one day, just book them into day care for the day. Pease Note: Drop offs and pick ups must be made during our opening times.

Grooming Options

If your dog is staying for over 5 days they can enjoy a shower and freshen up free of charge. If staying less than five days you can treat them to a shower and spruce up for a small fee of £12 for a small dog, £18 for a medium dog and £24 for a large dog.