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Alex Butler
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Viewing the kennels

Appointments are required for viewing the kennels if you wish to, prior to booking your dog in for a stay.

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Viewings Carried out strictly by Appointment
Wednesday 11 am - 12 pm.
If you attend the kennels without an appointment I will not be able to carry out a viewing.

I want you to feel happy and relaxed about boarding your dog at BEAR Boarding kennels and so if you would like to view the kennels and the great facilities here you are more then welcome to. All I ask is that you phone or drop me a line before hand to arrange a time for your viewing.

Why do I ask for appointments to be made? Here are just a few reasons:

Unlike most kennels, I provide lots of activities for your dog even just on the basic boarding rate and all these activities take up time in the day. These activities include Basic exercise in the paddock, offsite walks, Massage, Reiki, Spa Showers and Spa treatments. There is someone on site 24hrs a day but they will be busy with either one of these activities, or busy keeping the kennels clean and tidy for the residents. To make sure all dogs receive their essential exercise, or the added extras their owners have lovingly booked for them, the day needs to be very structured.

Dogs will feel unsettled by staying somewhere different and my aim is to make their stay as comfortable as possible and reduce stress levels as much as possible. Seeing strange faces around the kennels can unsettle dogs which can result in added stress. Our days are full and Viewings are structured into the day, I don't have an army of staff to fall back on!

BEAR Boarding Kennels is the home of BEAR Canine and Equine Therapy. This offers therapy to Dogs and Horses for either fitness, post injury or illness or just for well being. These activities are carried out at the kennels either in the treatment room or the barn. Sessions can not be interrupted unless it is an emergency.

BEAR Boarding Kennels also hosts a training venue for Detector Dogs UK. this can involve anything from Training courses for dog and handler to training of protection dogs on site. Training courses for dog and handler can not be interrupted or interfered with and when training the protection dogs it is not safe to show members of the public around the kennels.

Police dogs and protection dogs are kennelled here at BEAR Boarding kennels either whilst the handler is away from home or whilst the dogs are receiving training via Detector Dogs UK. Once again it would not be safe to allow members of the public into the kennel block when these dogs are either receiving a training session, being exercised or are kennelled.

The safety and security of your dog whilst they board here is one of my top priorities. After spending ten years as a Police Officer, crime prevention and site security is very important to me. Knowing who is due to turn up in the day means I know who should be attending the kennels and who shouldn't. Remember, whilst the driveway to the kennels is a public footpath, vehicular access is reserved for authorised users only. This becomes twofold as the access is shared with the Farmer, I work closely with him to make sure that his movement of animals and the like is not interrupted by the running of the kennels and vice versa.

I hope these reasons explain why I work an appointment system and I hope you can respect this for viewings and contact me prior to attending the kennels so I can factor your visit into the day and discuss your dogs requirements at full.

Email :

Or Telephone : 07912 179937